Polaroid 180
Fuji FP-100C
© Rick Schuster

I’ve been shooting black and white film in this camera until just recently.  I loaded up some color film thinking I’d shoot one more roll before putting this camera on ebay, and man, color is where this thing shines.  Not sure if I want to part with it now.  I love the look of this.  Such beautiful warmth.

This was shot with Fuji FP-100C film that expired over two years ago (and hasn’t been refrigerated).  I’ve heard that the new Impossible Project film is all over the board for color, even varying from one batch to another, but this Fuji film is solid.

about the Polaroid 180

A few shots with the venerable Polaroid 180




These were shot with the Polaroid 180, considered to be the top-end Polaroid instant camera, with it’s impressive Tominon 114mm lens, Zeiss viewfinder/rangefinder, and fully manual operation. I haven’t used this camera nearly as much as I should. It’s fun to use, and the results are impressive.

These were shot on Fuji FP-3000B instant black & white film, and scanned on my flatbed Epson V-500. I boosted the contrast a little in Lightroom and removed a few dust specs from the scanning.

I’ve been considering selling this camera, since it’s quite valuable and I haven’t been using it much, but I’m gonna put at least one more pack of film through it first.  Maybe by then I’ll be hooked and won’t want to part with it though.

About the Polaroid 180

p.s. – Back when I first started this blog I did a little experimenting and found that when WordPress scales images down to fit the blog post, they get a little bit softer looking than if I exported the images from Lightroom at the exact size that they would display.  I’ve decided that despite this, I’m going to start uploading my photos at a larger size so you can click on them to see them larger.  I did that with these, so you can click to zoom.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 180 first shot

First shot taken with my new Polaroid Land Camera model 180 that I picked up at a garage sale last week. It’s a beautiful camera and I’ll be writing more about it soon.  This was shot on Fujifilm FP-3000B black & white instant film (3200 speed – great for low-light shots like this). Shot at 1/30 sec f/5.6 handheld with ambient light from a table lamp.