Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 blur

Just got some film back, some of which had been sitting in the camera for a while. I decided to start here on the blog with the worst roll of the batch (or maybe you’ll think it’s the best). I made the mistake last winter of thinking I could squeeze a roll of 120 film into the Brownie Flash Six-20, which is made for the slightly smaller 620 spools.  It fit by messing with the latch that holds the back on the camera, but created a lot of tension on the film when winding it, and the film wasn’t quite aligned top-to-bottom along where it’s supposed to ride. This camera has a curved back that the film bends around, but I think with the extra tension and misalignment, the film was buckling, causing extra blur in the images.  There also seems to be some motion blur caused by shooting hand-held with this very clunky mechanical shutter that takes a very hard push to fire.

Brownie Flash Six-20

These were shot on Ektar 100 color neg film, but they reminded me so much of old images, that I had to convert a couple of them to sepia-tone. They make me think they’re images found in the camera of some long-lost explorer.

There’s not too much to say about this camera, but I’ll post some photos and info soon on the cameras page. Maybe I’ll try shooting another roll sometime, but I’ll take the few minutes required to re-spool the film onto a 620 spool, and see if the results are better. The ultra-soft-focus look is kind of nice, though.  Heck, some people pay good money for a Holga just to shoot photos this blurry.