Argus C3 “Brick” first shots

Argus C3

These are from the first roll of film I put through my 1950 Argus C3 “brick”.

I found the camera a little difficult to use, so it didn’t inspire a lot of creativity in my shooting. I was so focused on just getting everything set properly to take a shot, that I found it hard to focus on the image I was creating. The camera is quite capable of taking high-quality images though, and if I were to spend more time shooting with it I’m sure I’d reach a comfort level that would result in better shots.

I was shooting without a light meter for the outdoor shots, simply estimating the exposure using the ‘sunny 16’ rule. They were shot on Kodak Portra 400 (this film’s large exposure latitude no doubt helped with my exposure guesses), and since the max shutter speed on this camera is 1/300 second, most of the outdoor shots were at the smallest aperture of f/16.  The photo of the tomato plant and the close-up of the tree trunk were shot at larger apertures, showing a shorter depth-of-field, and nice ‘bokeh’, or blur quality, from the 10-blade aperture.  The dusk shot with the moon was hand-held at probably 1/10 sec, resulting in some motion blur.

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