Polaroid 180
Fuji FP-100C
© Rick Schuster

I’ve been shooting black and white film in this camera until just recently.  I loaded up some color film thinking I’d shoot one more roll before putting this camera on ebay, and man, color is where this thing shines.  Not sure if I want to part with it now.  I love the look of this.  Such beautiful warmth.

This was shot with Fuji FP-100C film that expired over two years ago (and hasn’t been refrigerated).  I’ve heard that the new Impossible Project film is all over the board for color, even varying from one batch to another, but this Fuji film is solid.

about the Polaroid 180


9 Comments on “Riley”

  1. Bob Dungan says:

    Nice image. Better than most Polaroid photos.

  2. I’ve always liked Fuji’s color film, only shot one pack of FP100C through the Land Camera so far. I may be wrong about this, but I didn’t think Impossible was making any instant pull-apart pack film…

  3. alignromance says:

    Nice. I just bought a 180 after using a couple of the automatic versions over the past few months. How did you shoot this? and what aperture/shutter speed did you use if you can remember. Was it hand held also?

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Thanks! Congrats on getting a 180. I steadied the camera on a chair as I shot wide open at f/4.5 and probably at about 1/15 second, I think. Maybe even 1/8 — can’t remember. More likely 1/15. Tripod would have been better, but it turned out fine. Fortunately she sat very still as I shot.

      • alignromance says:

        Fantastic. I need to wait a couple of months before I can get my hands on it due to being abroad, but interested to see what others are doing with theirs. You can’t sell it 🙂 My Land Camera 100 goes everywhere with me. My Mamiya C330 requires a bit more thought. I love being able to reclaim the negative with the larger real estate and that’s probably why I prefer this to typically carrying a 35mm.

  4. Before I had even read the text on this post I was going to comment the exact same things you said; beautiful, warm colours. This has a much richer quality/depth of field than most polaroid shots I’ve seen.

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