Night Tripping with the Olympus Trip 35


The Olympus Trip 35 is an automatic exposure camera, but has manual aperture settings that are meant to be used with a flash. If you set the camera on a manual aperture setting instead of the automatic “A” setting, the shutter speed is locked in at 1/40 sec. This means you can use it as a manual exposure camera if you don’t mind only having one shutter speed.

“Night Tripping” is the practice of using a Trip 35 at night with high speed film such as ISO 400 or higher, and setting the aperture wide open at f/2.8. This provides a pretty good exposure for night-time street shots.

These were shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Developed and scanned by Dwayne’s Photo.

note that normally this camera won’t let let you fire it if the exposure is too low. In the ‘A’ (automatic) setting, a red thingy pops up in the viewfinder if you try to shoot and it’s underexposed, and it won’t fire the shutter.  But when it’s set to an aperture setting, the light-meter is completely ignored and it will fire at 1/40sec regardless of how dark it is.

Also – my negs were pretty thin (underexposed), so this probably would have been better with ISO 800 or higher film.









13 Comments on “Night Tripping with the Olympus Trip 35”

  1. Jim Grey says:

    Sounds like fun — and easy, just load, set, and go. I’m making a mental note to try this.

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Yeah, I normally don’t like zone-focusing, but it’s kind of fun to not think about anything but framing up your shot and shooting.

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Thanks, Victor. I love your photography — I need to spend more time looking through your website. Really nice work!

  2. Mike says:

    Inspiring results from that night-time outing. As would be expected from Olympus, the D.Zuiko lens performs superbly wide open. Were those shots all made on a single night? I thought that last shot was a particularly nice expression of big-city monumentality.

  3. Joe Hoyle says:

    Nice results. I have one in my collection and use it for street photography. I will try this at night in manual setting. Maybe try with some ilford 3200 film.

  4. Interesting, I always thought the Trip 35 wouldn’t fire if there wasn’t enough light, regardless of whether or not you chose the aperture. I guess not! Did you push the film?

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Yeah, it’ll shoot regardless of the light level if it’s set to an aperture setting. If it’s on ‘A’ it won’t shoot if the light’s too low — a little red thing pops in the viewfinder. I didn’t push the film, just had it developed at 400. Negs are a little thin. Probably would have been better if pushed a stop or two.

  5. Bob Dungan says:

    Nice Photos. Did you use a tripod? or brace your self when taking the photos?

  6. […] a 40mm f/2.8 lens I would have thought that it would be exclusively an outdoors camera but reading this post has changed my mind a bit.  I suppose that with the right film, you could get away with just […]

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