The Seductive Tree

I’ve stayed twice at a particular cabin on Lake Superior, and have both times been captivated by this tree on the point in front of the cabin. There’s something about this solitary tree that draws me in, and I find it hard to photograph anything else in the area. Of the two rolls of film that I shot in my Rolleicord the weekend I was here, most of the images were of this tree. These were shot on Ektar 100 film, some handheld, some exposures of several seconds on a tripod. Some at dawn, some at dusk.

Which is your favorite?


4 Comments on “The Seductive Tree”

  1. Sarah says:

    These are all gorgeous, I love the warm feeling they all have. I think my favorite is the second one, but it’s hard to pick one. May I ask what scanner you’re using? I love my film cameras but my scanner is awful….

    Thank you for posting these.

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Thank you, Sarah.
      I mailed my film off and had it developed and scanned for me. One roll was done by North Coast Photo in California (a little expensive, but the best quality scans I’ve found), and the other roll was done by Citizens Photo in Portland (first time I’ve tried them — they were pretty good).

  2. Katie says:

    Great pictures! I think I like the last one best — because I can see the colors of the sunset reflected in the water on the stones.

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