Tranquil morning on Lake Superior

I captured this image just after dawn a couple of weeks ago while staying at a great little cabin on the shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. I think the temperature was below zero (fahrenheit, for my non-American readers) that morning, and the rocks were incredibly slick with ice from the spray of water splashing on them.  It’s been an unusually warm winter here in Minnesota, so Lake Superior has not frozen — some years this part of the lake does freeze, others it doesn’t. If you’re lucky enough to be there when huge chunks of ice are breaking up and crashing and piling up on shore, it’s an amazing display of nature’s power.  The tranquility of the lake on this particular morning is enhanced through a long exposure that softened the small waves tumbling over the rocks.

I used my Rolleicord loaded with Ektar 100 film, and metered the light with my Gossen Luna Pro handheld lightmeter.  I believe I stopped the camera down to about f/16 or f/22 and counted about eight seconds of exposure.  I had my lightweight travel tripod’s legs wedged between the icy rocks (and my boots wedged between rocks to keep myself upright).  I had forgotten to bring a cable release, so I had to hold the shutter open by hand and was worried about camera shake with my lightweight tripod, but it seems to have remained pretty solid.

I’ll have a whole series of images of this tree and the ice and rocks, as I sort through some film that I just had developed and scanned.  I should have a lot of images to share, and even some ‘new’ old cameras to talk about, including the oldest one I’ve ever shot with, a folding #1 Kodak Jr made, I believe, in 1914.


One Comment on “Tranquil morning on Lake Superior”

  1. patrujo says:

    nice, sharp photos, rollei-brother.

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