Fall on Lake Superior – Retina IIIc

A kind of funny thing happened when I shot that last photo. There was a small clearing in some trees where you could get a good view of the falls from a hiking trail. A guy stepped out of my way so I could take a photo, and after I snapped my one shot, he asked “did it turn out?”  I glanced at my 1956 Kodak Retina IIIc and said “yep, looks good” before continuing along the trail.

These photos were made at Gooseberry Falls State Park on Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota. The extremely dry fall slowed the normally-spectacular falls to a mere trickle. Those people in the photo above are standing where a lot of water is typically flowing.

I’ll have some newer photos to post soon, as I just sent several rolls of 35mm and 120 in for processing and scanning.  In the meantime, I thought I’d dig back through some older shots.  These were shot with the Retina IIIc on Portra 400. The bright sunlight was a bit harsh that day, especially at mid-day when these were shot, but the Retina and Portra handled it pretty well.


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