Winner, winner – Seagull dinner

I’ll follow up with more info later, but for now I just felt like posting a photo that I shot with my Seagull twin-lens reflex.  I won this camera in a prize drawing from the fine folks at the Film Photography Podcast.  It is my very favorite podcast, and while listening a few months ago I was thrilled to hear my name drawn for the prize.  They shipped the camera right out to me and even threw in a roll of 120 film for me.  These guys are great, and if you haven’t listened to the podcast, you have to check it out.  I’ve unfortunately not shot with the Seagull a lot yet, but it’s a nice camera and I’ll be sure to write a complete review and post more photos soon.  For now, this was my favorite from the first roll I shot in it, while walking around the Mississippi River and the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.


6 Comments on “Winner, winner – Seagull dinner”

  1. filmwins says:

    I have been researching TLRs (affordable) for a few months. Would you recommend the Seagull? I like the picture, and can’t wait to see some more.

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Hi Kiely,
      I think it could be a good choice if you can find one fairly cheap. I can’t give a great recommendation yet, since I’ve only shot one roll with it so far. But it seems to be pretty well built, and is easy to use. The images I shot don’t seem quite as sharp as images from my Rolleicord, and the blurred areas don’t seem as pleasing for some reason, but it’s hard to judge from just a few shots. Another fun and cheap way to try a TLR would be to find an inexpensive Ricohflex, Super Ricohflex, or an Argus Argoflex with gear-focus lenses. You should be able to find one for $20-$50, and they can take good photos.

      • Rick Schuster says:

        One more thing to note, Kiely — I like the images I’ve gotten from my Super Ricohflex more than those from the Argoflex. The Argoflex images I shot were a bit soft and low-contrast. But it’s still a fun camera. For quality I’d pick the Super Ricohflex. And, of course, my Rolleicord is top-notch. I’m guessing that the quality of the images from the Seagull are similar to my Super Ricohflex, but not as good as the Rolleicord.

  2. filmwins says:

    Thanks Rick! I am currently looking for an inexpensive TLR, though I hope one day I will have a Rollei! Until then, I will take your advice and look for a Ricohflex or Argoflex. I really appreciate your comments and recommendations.

  3. George says:

    I have a Seagull 4A since 1985, when I bought it “brand new” from a camera shop. It was from the first lot of Seagull 4A exported to my country. I like the b/w and color images that I can get with such camera. This make is criticized a lot and people say that it breaks easy….but this is mainly due to the fact that they change the shutter speed after cocking th shutter.

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