Northeast Minneapolis – Retina IIIc

Looking back through my last batch of negs developed, and longing for these green leaves and warm weather.  Not so green or warm right now.

These shots also remind me what a great place NE Mpls is to walk around and shoot photos — and how walking with a camera hanging around your neck makes you look at things and see things in a completely different way.  I’ll walk in places I might never bother walking without a camera, and slow down and really look at things trying to find beauty or a great composition in places most people simply hurry past.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400, with my 1956 Kodak Retina IIIc rangefinder camera.


3 Comments on “Northeast Minneapolis – Retina IIIc”

  1. Mike says:

    Those later Retinas produce especially nice color images. I have the very similar IIc model and have gotten some nice pictures from it though I haven’t used it nearly enough. The coupled aperture and shutter settings are kind of a nuisance, but I’d probably get past it if I just used the camera more.

  2. Great series but the first shot is very striking. The composition is perfect and using the long run of the wall adds such great dept. the open tunnel at the end makes the scene sing. It’s all good…

  3. Jim says:

    Nice work with your Retina! I also like the first shot a whole lot.

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