Aluminum Bronze Brass

I just got some film and scans back today from Dwayne’s – seven rolls from seven different cameras. I just love pulling the negs out of the envelope to see if they turned out (especially when it’s from a camera I’ve never shot before) then popping the CD in the computer and taking a look at the scans. As I’ve said before, it’s a feeling that I just don’t get when I shoot digitally. The anticipation and excitement is completely different.

I’ve got some sorting, selecting and adjusting work to do, but the photo above jumped out at me so I decided to post it right away. It was taken with my trusty Retina IIIc, and it is shown here as the straight scan, simply resized and watermarked, but with no Lightroom adjustments.  I’m always amazed by the images from this camera.  Some of my other old cameras produce images that are a little low in contrast for my taste, so I end up making adjustments in Lightroom, but the Retina IIIc images are almost always nicely contrasty, with great colors and amazing detail. This was shot on Kodak Portra 400 film.

The other rolls of film that I got back were shot with some cameras I’ve not posted about yet, so I also have some work to do in setting up information pages for these cameras.  They are an Olympus Trip 35, Kodak Retina Automatic III, Kodak Duo Six-20, Seagull TLR, Zeiss Ikon Tenax, and my old Pentax K1000.  I should have lots of posts coming up.


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