South Dakota Dinner

Another from the Yashica Electro 35 GS , on new Kodak Portra 400.  This has become my go-to camera, it seems. It’s such a versatile, easy-to-use camera, that it has become the one I grab most of the time.  Fast lens, great viewfinder, easy-to-focus rangefinder, and I love the aperture-priority auto-exposure.

The new Portra 400 film seems great, too.  I had read about it’s amazing latitude, so on this roll of film I experimented (very unscientifically) a little bit by setting the camera to higher film speed than 400.  The light was getting low on this shot, and I might have set the camera to 800 ASA instead of 400 to get a bit faster shutter speed, which just means it was underexposed by one stop, and it turned out great.  I know I shot some with the camera set at 1600 ASA, but as I said it was a very unscientific experiment, and I don’t exactly remember which shots I had the camera set at what.  It does seem like a great film, and the high exposure latitude could make it a great choice for some of my other old cameras that may not have terribly accurate shutter speeds.


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