Repeating patterns in Nordeast – Nikkormat FTn

These were shot using a Nikon Nikkormat FTn single-lens-reflex camera, made somewhere between 1967 and 1971. It’s a nice SLR, but I have to get used to the shutter-speed dial that’s on the lens-mount ring. It has a nice bright viewfinder and very nice focusing screen that makes focusing a breeze. The lens I have on it  is the Micro-Nikkor-PC 55mm f/3.5.  I’ve not yet taken advantage of the lens’ macro capability, so I’ll have to try some macro shots on my next roll.

The light-meter system uses the old mercury batteries, so I had to use one of the expensive wein-cell zinc-air batteries to get accurate readings, but the meter seems to work well. It apparently was quite an advanced metering system for the time, the first to utilize Nikon’s later-standard system of 60/40 center-weighted metering. I’ll write more later about this camera when I get around to creating a camera page for it.

I’m getting some odd bright streaking happening on a few shots, seen faintly on the right side of the third photo above. On some images it’s very strong.  I was thinking it was something like the shutter-curtain hesitating while closing, causing the overexposure, but it’s running the wrong direction for that because the shutter moves vertically.  I did have one instance of the shutter sticking open after a shot, which led me to think it’s a shutter problem.  But maybe it’s something else.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400.


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