Accidental double exposures – Super Ricohflex

One shortcoming of some old manual cameras is that it can be very easy to accidentally shoot double exposures. Many cameras are equipped with some sort of double-exposure prevention mechanism: something that won’t let you cock the shutter and take another shot until you’ve wound the film forward (or pushed an over-ride button or lever in the case that you purposely want to take a double exposure). Many of my old cameras don’t have this feature, so I inevitably end up with some double exposures. The two below were from the second roll of film that I shot in my Super Richoflex this past spring before I got in the habit of always winding immediately after taking a photo.

But if this old camera had double-exposure prevention, I wouldn’t have accidentally ended up with these interesting images.


2 Comments on “Accidental double exposures – Super Ricohflex”

  1. jumpingmoose says:

    I got a suprise double exposure on my AE-1, I thought it actually came out interesting, and I’d love to play with the effect. Do you know any good ways to force it?

    • Rick Schuster says:

      I’ve not used an AE-1, but with the SLRs I’ve used, you can just 1) push the button that you normally push to rewind the film, 2) hold the rewind knob to prevent the film from moving (probably not really necessary), and 3) crank the film wind knob. This should re-cock the shutter without advancing the film, so you can take another shot on top of the one you just took.
      Thanks for reading!

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