Still life with Yashica

Looking through some scans from earlier this year, this shot jumped out at me from the very first roll of 120 film I shot in my Super Ricohflex. I like the composition and strong contrast. Funny how looking back later at a roll of shots can reveal ones that you didn’t pay much attention to at first.


2 Comments on “Still life with Yashica”

  1. Alex Blazek says:

    I really like this shot. There’s something…a bit surreal about it.

    I too have a Yashica Electro 35. And (bonus) I had it repaired and serviced by one of the original assemblers of the camera in Japan, circa 1972 (I have a picture of him assembling one of the Electro’s in 1972). He still repairs/services these cameras to this day. He lives in Marietta, Georgia. He IS the ‘Mr Miyagi’ of Yashica cameras.

    • Rick Schuster says:

      Hi Alex. Thanks for your comment!
      Would you like to share the name of your Yashica repair person? I’d love to share that with other readers.

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