Drifter’s Cabin

Super Ricohflex

These images were shot on the Super Ricohflex 120 TLR camera on Tmax 400 film.

I like the quality of these images from the Ricohflex.  The first shot is a little soft, due either to not focusing quite right or a little camera motion, but I think the softness gives it a dreamy quality that I love.  I don’t think the softness comes across much in the small size shown here.

The original scans that I got back from North Coast Photo were extremely high-contrast, with shadow and highlight detail lost, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  Color scans that they did were great, but the ones from black and white film were disappointing.  I emailed them and explained the problem, and they asked me to send the negs back, and they rescanned them and reimbursed me for the return shipping cost.  These redone scans turned out great.  Hopefully they now have solved whatever problem they had, and will produce good black and white scans in the future.


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